Leadership & Management Positions

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Chief Operating Officer

ON HOLD: Q1 2023.

Location:  Central USA
Annual OTE:  $475,000++

  • The Chief Operating Officer leads the operations of the company in the automotive digital solutions space.
  • This role is the key leadership executive where deliverables to the end-users (post-sale) must be razor sharp.
  • Specific details (and vertical/product/etc) will be available in the weeks ahead (Nov 2022).
  • Several questions you'll need to answer to start the process:
    • TBD.  Stay tuned!
    • ON HOLD: Q1 2023.
  • Relocation:  Yes.

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District Sales Manager

NEW: 11.21.2022

Location:  Mountain West, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $140,000-$150,000

  • The District Sales Manager:
    • MUST HAVE deep experience and expertise in the automotive lending product segment of the industry.  In case this is unclear or confusing: These are the products that are sold to retail/lease customers at the finance and insurance PoS!
    • MUST HAVE very strong auto lending/F&I relationships in the retail channel.
  • The District Sales Manager position is responsible for strengthening current Dealer relationships and improving product sales through consistent, account development/management

    • Account Development / Management activities including, but not limited to:

      • In store, one on one training

      • Group / store training and meetings

      • Performance tracking and providing updates

      • In-store performance monitoring using profit/gap analysis vs. actual performance

      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales reports & sales pipeline

      • Participate in account launch process including Pre/Launch/Post activities

      • Recruiting retail F&I managers for the Company's dealer clients

      • Solicit/leverage dealer referrals

  • Relocation: No.  You should be in the Mountain West Region.

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Associate Recruiter

Location:  REMOTE, USA
Annual OTE: $100,000++

  • The Associate Recruiter will support Broad & Pattison's executive search and management recruiting work for its automotive clients.
  • Three initial questions:
    • What’s your automotive experience?  Executive? Management? Leadership?
    • How does that experience translate to relationships and network within the industry?  ie:  Does everyone take your call?
    • Tell us about your experience with recruiting and attracting talent in the U.S. auto industry.
  • Relocation:  No..  Fully remote.

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Regional General Manager

Location:  Chicagoland, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $130,000 base salary + Regional Performance Incentive Plan

  • The RGM leads the day-to-day sales/personnel/operations for the Car Wash platform.
  • Initially, these questions are the start of the process:
    • What's your experience in Car Wash operations / general management?  Specifically, how many washes have you managed (as the executive leader), and what has been the top line sales on those units?
    • What's your experience with the a growing (footprint/units) car wash platform?
  • Relocation: Yes.  Local preferred.

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GSM - PreOwned

Location:  CENTRAL, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $300,000+

  • The GSM - PreOwned is responsible for all preowned management (Sales, Profitability, etc).
  • The group (and this store) are an unquestioned best-of-the-best in the industry - not just in results, but reputation and industry leadership as well.
  • You MUST BE a proven preowned Sales Manager- with the capacity and polish to be a difference-maker at a top-end pre-owned dealership, where record results are the norm!
  • Several initial questions:
    • What’s your luxury retail experience?
    • What’s your volume experience / success as the leader of a pre-owned dealership?
    • Are you able to fully relocate?
  • Relocation:  Yes..

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Location:  Western, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $145,000

  • This role is a Controller for MULTIPLE rooftops within a top-tier Western US dealership group.
  • Several initial questions:
    • How do you prioritize your tasks when you have multiple deadlines to meet?
    • How do you adapt to change and growth?
    • What are the most important considerations you have when working for an employer?
    • How do you handle conflict in the work environment?
    • With which DMS are you most familiar?
  • Relocation: Yes.  Required.

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Vice President - Operations

UPDATED: Nov 27, 2022

Location:  Midwest, USA
Annual OTE: $200,000+ (Base: $175,000 + corporate performance bonus plan)

  • The Vice President - Operations will be responsible for the operations and oversight of all quick service locations, including reviewing KPIs, overseeing the Company training program and career plan, and running the day-to-day operations of the business.

  • Several questions you'll need to answer to start the process:
    • What is your experience leading operations for a multi-point retail organization?  (number of units; geographic footprint, etc.).
    • What is your level of expertise with automotive multi-point brands: Express Service, Car Wash, Fuel/Convenience, etc.?
    • What is your ability to relocate?
  • More details available as the vetting process develops.
  • Relocation:  Yes.

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Vice President - Sales

Location:  National USA
Annual Compensation Target: $200,000++

  • This role is a national VP Sales in the automotive solutions arena.
  • The solution suite is sold into the dealer channel (so relationships and executive sales leadership in that area is key).
  • Details and vetting requirements are coming in Q1.
  • Relocation: No.

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VP - Development (M&A)

UPDATED: Nov. 22, 2022

Location:  National, USA
Annual OTE  Target: $TBD$

  • The Vice President of Development (M&A) will be a new role for the Company with all responsibilities related to acquisitions including identifying acquisition targets, fostering relationships with owners, and working cross functionally on due diligence and contract negotiations to complete the acquisitions. The position requires the ability to develop relationships with owners and third-party intermediaries to convey the value of a partnership with the Company.Key functions:
    • Identify acquisition and merger opportunities and direct acquisition activity in close liaison with the Site Development team.
    • Develop M&A roadmaps with leaders of business units; frame and prioritize strategic objectives, source and evaluate acquisitions, JVs and investments against identified strategies.
    • Develop an understanding of the qualities that make an attractive acquisition opportunity with responsibility for overseeing and supporting the creation and analysis of business and financial cases for M&A activity.
    • Cultivate a network with bankers, brokers and prospects in target markets.
    • Screen potential acquisitions to identify the best opportunities and actively solicit potential acquisition targets.
    • Lead the evaluation of each acquisition including the preparation of a pro forma financial analysis and develop a proposed transaction structure and valuation that meets the owner’s needs and the Company’s objectives.
    • Manage multiple deal processes and drive fast-paced execution.
  • Relocation:  No.

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VP - Vehicle Logistics

UPDATED: Nov. 29, 2022

Location:  Central, USA
Annual OTE  Target: $TBD$

  • The Vice President - Vehicle Logistics leads all processes around the transportation and delivery of remarketed vehicles across the lower 48 States.
  • The role requires not only executive experience in the vehicle transportation/conditioning/logistics/remarketing areas of the U.S. auto industry - but also the ability to lead organizational/budget/personnel functions within the organization.
  • Preferred EXECUTIVE experience:
    • OEM/Lender remarketing
    • National auction
    • Fleet/Lease remarketing
  • Relocation:  Yes.

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Market Manager

Location:  Greater Milwaukee, WI  and/or Chicagoland, IL

Annual OTE  Target: $175,000 - $200,000

  • The Market Manager is responsible for our client's Messaging, Digital Retail, Showroom, and Desking Platform product sales and account maintenance.
  • The role (and the comp plan) is 90% acquisition and 10% maintenance.
  • Several questions you'll need to answer to get started:
    • What is your experience selling a Suite/Platform SaaS to Automotive Dealerships and Dealership Groups?
    • What does your weekly cadence look like pursuing conquest and upgrade opportunities?
    • Where is your strongest dealership network located, how long have you been managing that area, and what results have you driven for them?
    • In outside sales hunting / conquest roles, what has your Performance been by YTD % and Ranking by year? (What was the solution, average sales cycle length, and average sales price for the solution you sold?)
  • Relocation:  No.  See above.

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