Leadership & Management Positions

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National Sales Manager

Location:  Western, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $155,000 base (equity and performance comp avail as well)

  • The National Sales Manager will lead sales originations & new business relationships for the company.
  • THIS IS IN THE FLEET MANAGEMENT / ENERGY industries.  You must be too!
  • The initial questions you'll need to answer to start the conversation for this role:
    • Describe a deal that you won that you are proud of.  What was your sales strategy and what obstacles did you overcome to win the deal?
    • What is the profile of your relationship connections in the California market (industry, size, product)?
    • Describe your passion for environmental issues and contributing to a zero emission future.
    • Your ability to travel nationally.
  • Relocation:  NO.

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Chief Technical Officer

UPDATED: April 28, 2021

Location:  Midwest, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $250,000++

  • The initial questions you'll need to answer for our Chief Technical Officer recruitment:
    • Your experience leading an ERP conversion.
    • Your experience with upgrading/developing/launching a website (including apps/etc) ecommerce platform.
    • Have you (if so, please detail):
      • Created and implemented technology strategies
      • Served at the executive-level to align technology goals with other departmental and organizational objectives - including identifying what technologies can be used to improve the company’s products and services
    • Are you able to fully relocate?
  • Relocation: Yes.

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Chief Marketing Officer

UPDATED: May 8, 2021

Location:  MIdwest, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $300,000+

  • The CMO will be a marketing executive who has successfully designed, led and executed the digital marketing strategy for a DTC (eCommerce) organization.  Best-of-the-best brand in the auto industry!
  • The initial questions you'll need to answer to start the conversation for this role:
    • Your experience leading (at the EVP/SVP/C-Suite/Exec Dir-level) marketing strategy and operations in the B2C/DTC (ECOMMERCE!!!) arena - specifically in the U.S. automotive industry.
    • Your experience with high-volume B2C ecommerce, branding, acquisition, and retention marketing.
    • Your experience with the automotive aftermarket (not OE).
    • Your ability to relocate.
  • Relocation:  Yes.

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Area Vice President - Sales

Location:  Confidential, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $200,000+

  • The initial questions you'll need to answer for the AVP - Sales role:
    • Rate your experience (1-10) as a sales leader with F&I products - with the agent model and direct-to-dealer.
    • Your experience leading and producing in a remote world
    • Rate yourself as a sales person (1-10).
  • Relocation: No.

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Area Sales Director

UPDATED: May 16, 2022

Location:  Eastern, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $200,000++

  • VERY cool company and product line! 
  • The Area Sales Director reports to the SVP Sales and is tasked with fleet solution sales in a large USA territory:
    • Hunting: Prospecting and closing decision makers.
    • Farming: Developing relationships. 
  • Your credentials should include:
    • 5+ years of highly successful B2B sales in the automotive fleet / aftermarket arena.
    • The ability to operate as an executive AND the liaison to the customer.
    • Expertise in vehicle performance hardware/software solutions.
  • Relocation:  Remote. Eastern USA.  Western USA also possible.

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Director - Marketing

Location:  Chicagoland, USA (Hybrid possible)
Base Salary: $160,000-175,000

  • The initial questions you'll need to answer for the Director - Marketing role:
    • Your experience leading the team that develops website and digital marketing deliverables.
    • Your experience leading the marketing strategy and marketing execution for a retail automotive group.
    • Your experience with marketing analytics/data in the retail auto space.
  • The Company is a VERY strong and growing retail group - fantastic corporate ownership and leadership!
  • Relocation: No.  Local preferred.  Hybrid possible.

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Director - Organizational Development

Location:  REMOTE, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $150,000

  • This position is in consumer-facing automotive fixed/operations/aftersales.
  • You should have management expertise in Org Dev, Training, Content Development, etc. - for a national (or large regional) organization.
  • We will have initial questions for you as the vetting process develops.
  • Relocation:  Remote.

#Automotive #Director #OrgDev #Training


Group Controller

UPDATED: April 30, 2021

Location:  Eastern, USA and Western, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $200,000+

  • The initial questions you'll need to answer for one of the two Group Controller role:
    • Your experience with a multi-location (15+), multi-state dealership group.
    • Your DMS experience/expertise.
    • Your experience with a consolidated group accounting office, and managing 10+ direct reports in different states.
  • Relocation: Yes.

#Automotive #Controller #Dealership


Head of Human Resources

Location:  MIDWEST, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $175,000 base

  • The Head of Human Resources (Director-level) leads these functional areas for the company (a legendary automotive aftermarket brand).
    • Recruiting
    • Culture
    • Compensation Management
    • Performance (Evaluation
    • You'll need to share with us how you're an expert in these areas.....
  • Relocation:  Yes..

#Automotive #HumanResources


Industry Executive Consultant

Location:  Eastern, USA / Remote
Annual Compensation Target: $150,000 - $160,000

  • Several consultant roles in the U.S. auto industry.
  • A basic starting point on this role will be successful leadership in the automotive retail and vendor worlds, and a consultative delivery (personal communication style) of that experience.
  • Additionally, experience:
      • Designing the content for consulting projects delivered to retail automotive organizations.
      • Leading consulting projects (remote and HQ locations) to the retail auto sector.
  • Relocation: No.

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Regional Manager

Location:  Midwest, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $TBD

  • The Regional Manager will lead all retail operations for this privately-held group of full-service car washes in a high quality-of-life midwest location.
  • Responsibilities and experience requirements include:
      • Multi-unit car wash sales and operations leadership (full-service or express).
      • Development of managers and leaders on your team is a key skill-set required here.
      • You'll need at least 7 years’ management experience in multi-unit, consumer-facing retail.
  • More details available as the vetting process proceeds.
  • Relocation:  Yes/possible.

#Automotive #RegionalManager #Retail #CarWash


Director - Automotive

Location:  National, USA (REMOTE)
Annual Compensation Target (OTE): $220,000+

  • Some initial questions you'll need to answer for the Director - Automotive position:
    • Your experience in selling complex B2B Saas products and technology solutions or data products directly to OEMs.
    • Also: your experience in selling vehicle data solutions and/or software to the Automotive OEMs.
    • Your relationships and networking with decision makers with the OEMs.
    • Your ability to travel extensively - as available.
  • Relocation: No. This is a REMOTE position.

#Automotive #Sales #SaaS #Data


VP Acquisitions

Location:  Western, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $300,000+

  • The VP Acquisitions is responsible for the Company's merger and acquisitions activity, including identifying and developing relationships with potential acquisition targets and working through the due diligence and contract negotiations during the acquisition process.
  • This role requires the ability to maintain relationships across the spectrum - including with investment banks, PE-firms and intermediaries.
  • Initial Questions for you:
    • What's your experience with Investment Banking, Brokers and M&A within the car wash/consumer-facing service industry?
    • What's your experience in financial analysis of existing businesses specifically valuation of potential acquisitions?
  • The VP:
    • Leads the process to Identify acquisition and merger opportunities and direct acquisition activity in close liaison with the Site Development team.
    • Develops M&A roadmaps with leaders of business units; frame and prioritize strategic. objectives, source and evaluate acquisitions, JVs and investments against identified strategies.
    • Cultivates a network with bankers, brokers and car wash owners in target markets.
    • Has a minimum of 10 years’ experience working with M&A in financial services - including experience with investment banking, including valuation, deal structuring and due diligence.
    • Has a strong working knowledge of M&A transaction life cycle, with a focus on the integration and separation components of the life cycle.
    • Is willing to travel at least 50% of the time.
  • Relocation:  Yes.  HQ location in the Western USA.

#Automotive #Merger #Acquisition #CarWash


Sales Engineer

Location:  National, USA (REMOTE)
Annual Compensation Target (OTE): $200,000+

  • Some initial details on the Sales Engineer role:
    • You'll be supporting the sales process with our clients' customers, ranging from global car manufacturers brands to new emerging technology startups. 
    • This is mobility data, so experience around connected cars, telematics and IOT is a huge key.
    • The role serves as a technical product expert.
  • Some initial questions you'll need to answer:
    • Your experience with RFI/RFPs, etc., delivering presentations, demos, workshops & webinars.
    • Your hands on experience in executing different SQL queries
    • Your use of visualization tools such as Tableau, Looker.
    • Your ability to travel as needed.

    As far as work environment, you should be experienced working remotely, and be fully ready for travel (including international) as available!

  • Relocation: No. This is a REMOTE position.

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