Leadership & Management Positions

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Associate Recruiter

Location:  REMOTE, USA
Annual OTE: $100,000++

  • The Associate Recruiter will support Broad & Pattison's executive search and management recruiting work for its automotive clients.
  • Three initial questions:
    • What’s your automotive experience?  Executive? Management? Leadership?
    • How does that experience translate to relationships and network within the industry?  ie:  Does everyone take your call?
    • Tell us about your experience with recruiting and attracting talent in the U.S. auto industry.
  • Relocation:  No..  Fully remote.

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Dir. - Sales (Fleet)

Location:  National
OTE: $275,000 - $300,000

  • The Director - Sales (Fleet) reports to the SVP - Fleet and leads B2B sales opportunities from outreach until closure.
  • Initial Questions:
    • Describe your track record leading direct B2B SaaS sales - specifically with connected vehicle data.
    • Describe your relationships with decision-makers in the fleet segment (Fleets, Fleet Management Companies and Fleet Management Systems).
  • Relocation: NO.

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GSM - PreOwned

Location:  CENTRAL, USA
Annual Compensation  Target: $300,000++

  • The GSM - PreOwned is responsible for all preowned management (Sales, Profitability, etc).
  • The group (and this store) are an unquestioned best-of-the-best in the industry - not just in results, but reputation and industry leadership as well.
  • You MUST BE a proven preowned leader - with the capacity and polish to be a difference-maker at a top-end luxury dealership, where record results are the norm!
  • Several initial questions:
    • What’s your luxury retail experience?
    • What’s your volume experience / success as the leader of a pre-owned dealership?
    • Are you able to fully relocate?
  • Relocation:  Yes..

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Director - Automotive

UPDATED: 9.5.22

Location:  National, USA (REMOTE)
Annual Compensation Target (OTE): $220,000+

  • Some initial questions you'll need to answer for the Director - Automotive position:
    • Your experience in selling complex B2B Saas products and technology solutions or data products directly to OEMs.
    • Also: your experience in selling vehicle data solutions and/or software to the Automotive OEMs.
    • Your relationships and networking with decision makers with the OEMs.
    • Your ability to travel extensively - as available.
  • Relocation: No. This is a REMOTE position.

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Dir. - Business Development


Location:  National, USA
Annual OTE  Target: $200,000+

  • The Director - BD reports to the CRO, and will lead sales and business development to the rental fleet segment of the automotive industry.
  • Several questions you'll need to answer to start the process:
    • What's your expertise and knowledge in the rental fleet arena?
    • What's the level of your relationships with rental fleet operators (corporate, franchisee, and licensee) and fleet vendors?
    • Do have experience in the telematics arena?  If so, please elaborate.
    • Describe your sales process in the areas of (1)hunting, (2)needs analysis and, (3)follow-up.
  • Relocation:  Remote USA.

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Sr. Vice President - Business Development

Location:  National, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $225,000 - $250,000

UPDATED: Sept 21 2022

  • The SVP - BD is be the lead executive for the Company's delivery of software solutions to the auto industry.
  • Several initial questions you'll need to answer for this role:
    • 1.       What’s your executive experience in retail automotive, or with agency/vendor to the industry.
    • 2.       What’s the depth of your knowledge and expertise of the automotive F&I Industry?
    • 3.       Please describe your experience as a leader in these 4 areas:
      • Organic sales and revenue growth leadership
      • Business development (pulling together unique relationships and opportunities to create new revenue lines).
      • Sales strategy and closing deals with companies with over 500 employees. 
      • Identifying potential Merger/Acquisition opportunities
  • Relocation: NO.

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Manager - 20 Group

Location:  National, USA
Annual OTE  Target: $195,000+

  • The Manager - 20 Group leads the delivery of 20 Group services through his/her assigned team. The Manager also serves as Consultant to assigned 20 Groups.
  • You'll need a Bachelor degree or at least 10 years of extensive retail automotive experience - including as an executive or senior manager in retail
  • Public speaking experience and expertise is a key!
  • You'll need to be able to engage across all Dealership Operations departments and leadership areas.
  • The position contributes to the Company's management team in developing strategy, annual business plans, annual budget, and new products/services.
  • In this position, you'll supervise special projects, develop the 20 Group budget with management and supervise, evaluate, and develop your direct reports.
  • Managing a dealership team is great, but you MUST HAVE experience managing a team of consultants/moderators.
  • Relocation:  Remote USA - with lots of travel.

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Account Manager

Location:  National USA
Annual Compensation Target: $135,000+

  • The Account Manager leads all relationship and growth activities for the company.
  • You MUST HAVE deep experience and relationships in the automotive Captive finance arena - and the solutions that are sold to/used by that segment of the industry.
  • You MUST HAVE very strong C-Suite relationships and the polish needed to interact at that level.
  • Relocation: No.

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Regional Sales Director

Annual OTE: $220,000+

  • The RSD leads a field sales group in the Western USA.
  • Several questions you'll need to answer to start the process:
    • What is your experience selling a Suite/Platform SaaS to Automotive Dealerships and Dealership Groups?
    • What teaching and coaching have you institutionalized with your sales team?
    • What is your weekly cadence working with your team?
    • Share two instances where you successfully helped your sales reps control the decision criteria, including how you coached them to do so, against a strong competitor.
    • Where is your strongest dealership network located, how long have you been managing that area, and what results have you driven for them?
  • Expertise in the DMS/CRM/Inventory/Similar SaaS product lines is KEY here.
  • Extensive success and experience selling "dealer critical" SaaS products to the traditional dealership channel will be the FIRST thing the client looks at here.
  • Relocation:  Western USA (Ideally CA)

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Regional Sales Manager

Location:  National, USA (The Region is in the Eastern USA)
Annual Compensation Target: $200,000+

  • The Regional Sales Manager leads the sales and BD efforts for the company in the Region
  • Three initial questions you'll need to answer for this position:
    • 1. What's the level and detail of your expertise in the Class 3 and above truck fleet segment of the auto industry (fleet sales, fleet financing, vehicle maintenance, etc).?
    • 2. Please describe your knowledge in the Electric Truck arena.
    • 3. What's your personal selling style/process when pursuing a sale?
  • Relocation: No.

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Dir. - Global Product

Location:  National, USA
Annual OTE  Target: $200,000 + Company Car

  • The Director - Global Product leads the teams responsible for developing global product lines for the Company.
  • This Director will lead a team to improve and monitor the model lines Regionally (volume, sales, and profit targets fall into this area).
  • This role is in the USA, and reports to the global executive offices.
  • This position builds, develops, and leads teams of SMEs in the areas of:
    • sales performance at a national/regional/market level
    • inventory levels/mix
    • product/pricing/incentive competitiveness
    • marketing plans/effectiveness
    • region/dealer engagement levels
    • competitor intelligence
    • segment analytics
  • The department’s key mission is to achieve Global revenue and share objectives!!!
  • Relocation:  Yes.

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Automotive Instructor

Location:  Northeastern, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $165,000 - $170,000

  • The Automotive Instructor will instruct based on his/her expertise and current hands-on experience with automotive dealership financial and departmental operations.
  • Develop and deliver instruction sessions, including in-person and live online classroom, webinar, and workshop sessions.
  • Conduct self-development and in-dealership consultations to ensure subject-matter-expertise is kept up-to-date and relevant. AND.....continuously update and maintain a personal inventory of best practices, real-world examples, and evaluation tools to assist in instruction design.Identify and recommend use of technology, software, outside speakers, and other industry tools or resources to augment NADA program materials.
  • Education and Work Experience: Bachelor’s degree or at least 10 years’ of hands-on dealership experience with strong presentation skills, and the ability to develop and deliver instruction based on automotive dealership operations. NOTE: digital marketing and technology proficiency preferred.
  • Relocation: Yes.

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Dir. - Inside Sales (SaaS)

Location:  National, USA
Annual OTE  Target: $175,000+

  • The Director - Inside Sales leads the sales (client-facing) solutions group to the Independent segment of the U.S. retail channel.
  • Questions you'll need to answer to start the process:
    • New Search - Stay tuned!
  • SaaS sales leadership in the RV/Marine/Motorcycle dealership arena is key here.
  • Building and leading a remote sales team in the automotive SaaS area is also important!
  • Relocation:  Remote USA.

#Automotive #Sales #Saas #InsideSales


Director - After Care

Location:  Western, USA
Annual Compensation Target: $220,000

  • This role leads teams that are responsible for After Sales care, customer comms, recalls, telematics connected services and roadside assistance.
  • You should be an executive who has worked in and led these areas of the Aftersales/Aftercare process.  These questions should help you decide if you are a fit:
    • What has been your experience with customer care or CX?
    • What communication platforms and vendors are you familiar with regarding customers comms?
    • Are you experienced with:
          • Roadside assistance
          • Roadside Assistance
          • Recalls
          • Call centers (at scale
  • Relocation: Yes.


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#Automotive #AfterCare #CustomerCare